Interior Designers / Real Estate Professionals

REMCO has delivered over 80 years of service in the restoration, repair and maintenance of Stone, Metal, and Wood surfaces.

If you are a Real Estate Professional trying to maximize the value of a client’s residence and enhance its appeal to buyers or an Interior Designer with a discerning client who wants to restore the beauty an existing architectural surface, REMCO is your solution!

With over 80 years of servicing some of the premier properties in New York City, REMCO understands the value and beauty of restoring surfaces to their original finishes. Please partner with us and we will assist you in exceeding the expectations of even your most demanding clients.

You can now take advantage of these quality services for your clients.

Restoration and Maintenance services:

  • Marble/Stone Countertop, Furniture, & Floors
  • Stainless Steel appliance, entry doors, countertops
  • Wood – Floors, Tabletops, Decorative Panels
  • Grout cleaning and replacement
  • Terrace cleaning and restoration
  • Townhouse Façade Cleaning and Restoration